Next Evolution of NSX Concept revealed at 2013 North American International Auto Show

With the aim of delivering a new sports car experience that combines supercar dynamic capabilities with advanced environmental performance, the NSX will be powered by a mid-mounted, direct-injected V-6 engine mated to Honda’s Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive) system.
A new NSX Concept that showcases the evolution of the next-generation supercar’s styling and design, including a first look at the possible direction for its interior design was unveiled today by American Honda on their Acura stand.
Source : racerlink


The 2014 Corvette Stingray is the most powerful standard model ever, with an estimated 450 horsepower (335 kW) and 450 lb.-ft. of torque (610 Nm). It is also the most capable standard model ever, able to accelerate from 0-60 in less than four seconds and achieve more than 1g in cornering grip. It is expected to be the most fuel-efficient Corvette, exceeding the EPA-estimated 26 mpg of the current model.

GTA Spano at Geneva 2012

A limited edition of 99 GTA Spano models will be produced. This car accelerates from 0 to 100 Km/h in 2.9 seconds and has a top speed of over 350 km/h. Its chassis has been created by combining carbon fibres, titanium and Kevlar, which has become a reference in the automobile sector thanks to its great rigidity and its lightness. GTA Spano has its own V10 engine, which is longitudinally positioned at the rear with 820 HP and a torque of 960 nm. One of GTA Spano’s main innovations is its panoramic glass roof, which has exclusive interior lighting and an opaqueness system, thus rendering its interior a feeling of generous space.

Source : www.racerlink.com

A Good Auto Sound System is a Requirement not a Luxury

How do you decide which auto sound system is best for you? This is a question that many consumers ask in the U. S. each and every day. The truth is that only you can decide what kind of sound you find enjoyable and what you are seeking in the sound system you will ultimately purchase. A good sound system will greatly improve how you feel about not only the vehicle you drive but also your disposition after your daily commute. It may seem like such a small thing, the changing of a sound system, but it does seem to have such a profound impact on how we start our days. Of course we all know that getting your day off to a good start sets the tone for the entire day and if that day is Monday it sets the tone for not only the day ahead but also the week to come.

Music affects almost every aspect of our lives. Most of us do not realize the impact that music has on our day-to-day lives and it is quite difficult because our world seems to be filled with it. It is much easier however, to explain the difference a good sound system makes. It's funny, I find myself in a hurry to get out of stores that have lousy sound systems and speakers that dribble out little more than static while I can shop for hours in a store that has tasteful music playing in the background over a good sound system. I prefer the volume lower and the music playing in the background rather than being the center of my attention.

Most of us find that soft music playing in the background is rather unobtrusive and allows us to get along with our thoughts and the mission at hand while loud music blaring over antiquated speakers does a great deal to disrupt our thought processes which will only serve to send us along to the next errand on our list. If you'll notice it seems that clerks in the stores where the loud music blares along are often not as even tempered as those in stores that play music at respectful volumes and have very well kept sound systems. I think I would be cranky too after listening to music in a manner that music wasn't meant to be heard.

I'm not a music snob by any means; I simply enjoy listening to music for the sake of actually hearing the music. Loud music is good sometimes but not when I have other things on my mind. I prefer that music remain in the background when I'm running about taking care of errands, even in the car. The hallmark of a good auto sound system is that it sounds good even at low volumes. This means you can enjoy music in the background, hum along, or simply ignore the music in favor of the action taking place on the road.

The point I'm trying to make is that even though you may not realize the impact that a good auto sound system has on music immediately, you will definitely feel the difference it makes over time. The better the sound system, the better the sound and music is after all, sound.

If you are a true lover of music and spend a great deal of your week or even any given day in your vehicle, doesn't it make sense to invest heavily in your auto sound system? I know for me that particular decision is a no brainer. I love music and it is an important part of not only my life but also the lives of my children. As a result we spend a lot of time listening to the radio in our SUV and singing along. Even when we aren't listening to music, I enjoy listening talk radio and the news on NPR. These things are an important part of my day and I really enjoy all that each and every one adds to my life. Because of that, I find my investment in a good auto sound system to be a requirement rather than a luxury.

2011 Hyundai Equus

Equus will Showcase Hyundai's Approach toward Intelligent Luxury

NEW YORK, April. 1, 2010 – Hyundai aims to break down the barriers of owning a luxury car with the introduction of its all-new flagship, the 2011 Equus. Equus will compete with the best luxury sedans in the world on all levels including amenities, performance, advanced technologies, design and ownership experience when it arrives at select Hyundai dealerships late this summer.

"Equus takes Hyundai's formula for intelligent luxury to a new level," said John Krafcik, president and CEO, Hyundai Motor America. "We've applied the lessons in engineering excellence we've learned with Genesis to the Equus, while adding a new level of customer experience that will further differentiate our take on luxury from the traditional premium brands." Equus broadens Hyundai's lineup of premium vehicles and like Genesis, is built on Hyundai's world-class rear-wheel-drive architecture. It is powered by the award-winning 4.6-liter Tau® V8. The Tau inside the Equus will produce an estimated 385 horsepower using premium fuel and 378 horsepower using regular fuel. With technology rivaling more expensive luxury sedans, Equus showcases features such as a lane departure warning system, electronic air suspension, smart cruise control and a Lexicon® audio system. 

Infiniti QX56

The second-generation QX, part of the 70 percent new lineup Nissan's luxury division will have in the US this summer, has been ‘designed to offer a true five-star travel experience,' according to Infiniti. While that may well be true, the design did little to stir up desire amongst showgoers at the New York Auto Show's first press day.

Eschewing the previous Armada platform in favor of the Patrol platform, the already gargantuan SUV is now even larger than the outgoing model, measuring 5291mm long, 2029mm wide and 1920mm tall (36mm longer and 28mm wider but 96mm shorter). The new SUV is also more aerodynamic than its predecessor, achieving a 0.37Cd thanks to a new underbody spoiler at the front, a rear liftgate spoiler and redesigned mirrors.

Created at Nissan's Atsugi Design Center in Japan, the new design is meant to bring the SUV in line with other Infiniti models, unlike the outgoing Armada-based model. "You can see much more of a clear consistency with the M, FX and EX," Nissan Head of Design, Shiro Nakamura, told CDN.

Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M - Ferrari's Most Hardcore Convertible Ever

In Ferrari speak, the name 'Scuderia' is synonomous with the most hardcore streetable track supercars the Prancing Horse has to offer the public. Unveiled at the Formula 1 Constructor's World Championship, the Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M is the first convertible Ferrari to bear that name.

The Scuderia Spider is billed as the fastest convertible to come from Ferrari, ever. While the new Ferrari California will be released soon in an attempt to make Ferrari supercars accessible to more drivers, the expensive track-ready Scuderia Spider is for Ferrari customers who crave pure, unbridled speed.

Auto Accident - Are They Really Accident

This is a really important question as every 'accident' involves damage to one or more vehicles, and possibly injury to drivers and passengers. Each of these 'accidents' costs you money because, often, the rate of accidents in your area impacts your auto insurance premium.
Many times I have pondered the use of that word 'accident' when applied to the crazy driving that leads to accidents.
Just think for a moment about that articulated truck you saw lying on its side because it flipped over when the driver took the corner too fast. Or that SUV spinning on its roof on a totally straight piece of road. Or the young men in the sports car who ran straight into the back of a truck as they came hurtling over a hill too fast to stop or even take evasive measures.

Kia Optima

The new Kia Optima making its debut in New York is undoubtedly the star of the show. Pushing Kia's new design initiatives forward, the new sedan is a clear departure from the previous generation, continuing the design language first seen on the Soul and since evolved into the recently revealed Sportage. But while the Sportage's exterior was designed in Kia's California design studio and the interior was created in the automaker's European studio, the reverse is true for the Optima.
Longer, lower, wider and with a longer wheelbase than the model it will soon replace, the exterior design of the new car is a lesson in cautious elegance. At the front, an amplified version of the Korean automaker's defining grille - larger than on any other model in the Kia range - is outlined in chrome and features a piano black surround, an element repeated in the lower corners of the bumper around the foglamps and the fender vent. Pronounced hood creases running from between the headlamps and grille integrate neatly with the A-pillar, as on the Sportage.

Aston Martin

Audi AO

The Audi A0 QS, Q stands for four-wheel drive and S for sports, has been specially designed for athletes and rich people to enhance their active lifestyles. This small and dynamic sports car is equipped with electric motor and a hydrogen engine that make the car entirely hybrid. Additionally, it features a special rotation system of the wheels with an analogy of the three-wheeled trike, making the wheels able to bend without rotation along the vertical axis. Rubber fabric has been used to make the doors, which greatly enhances the design and makes it possible to transform into transparent materials according to the rider’s need. Length of the compact car is 3400 mm, giving the users an ultimate driving convenience on busy urban roads and when parking.

Futuristic Nissan

The Nissan V2G concept vehicle has been designed to adopt with the electrified and ultra-efficient network of the nation’s highways called the ‘GRID’ for the year 2030. This car comprises a dynamic, low cost and quality construction V2G electric engine that is being expected to be the best selling vehicle of that time. The creative young minds of LA’s legendary automotive culture are highly potential considering its simple and user-friendly EV architecture. The organic shape along with great functionality is the key features that will keep the vehicle user segment intact.

weave bridge

Yongsan IDB Masterplan

Foster and Partners have designed the Yongsan IDB Masterplan, a dream hub to transform the Seoul, Korea from a huge railway goods yard into an extraordinary metropolitan center. The design spot has been envisioned to be easily accessible via three architectural arcs, an icon derived from the Taoist idea of ying and yang. The key point of the design is the landmark tower collection which is made of three spiraling towers known as the ‘helixia’,designed to give the project a new focus and connect three varied areas together, the river han, the yongsan staion and the yongsan electronics district, a place where visitors can enjoy a variety of places like winding ramps and multitude connecting leveled lifts. With the twisting surroundings, helixia, the center of electricity and interaction will become a new global destination.


Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Aside from keeping its size traditionally big, Boeing has more emphasized the 787 Dreamliner interior this time. With its unique split-level ranch with wings, the Dreamliner is a plane that can fly literally high with all the luxuries beyond someone’s dream. The plane features plenty of rooms in the cargo bay zone such as a master bedroom, bath with freestanding tub, guest suits, a conference area, a gourmet kitchen, a large-screen movie theater, a cocktail bar, office space, and many more. The floor of the cocktail bar features a glass made transparent area through which passengers can check their cars stowed belowdecks.

Still remember with Lamborbiker ? Now, Flavio Adriani has come up with Lamborbiker version II which is still a unique bike concept which has been differentiated from other conventional bikes through its hub-less wheel design. The concept was inspired from the Ferrucio Lamborghini designed by Nicola Tesla which includes an electric engine to contribute with the environment. Both the rear and front wheel is rimless and uniquely designed to enhance the performance of the bike. The exhaust pipes are placed under the seat for better space management. The design doesn’t contain any speedometer and the handles have been placed below the standard height of a conventional bike. All together, the bike has it all to serve as a future superbike.


The forthcoming Los Angeles Auto Show will mark the debut of Honda's Personal-Neo Urban Transport (P-NUT) concept, the company has revealed.
Designed at Honda R&D Americas' advanced design studio in Southern California, the P-NUT is a futuristic design study for an ultra-compact, aggressively designed coupe, according to the Japanese automaker.
Dave Marek's team at Honda's advanced design studio is credited with North American-specific models like the Pilot, Ridgeline and Element as well as the FC Sport concept (pictured) revealed at last year's LA Auto Show.
We'll bring you additional information and photos of the P-NUT concept once they become available.

Mansory Bugatti

Mansory Bugatti Veyron Linea Vincero has been premiered at Geneva Motor Show this year. Featuring both performance and styling upgrades, the Mansory Bugatti Veyron may outputs an amazing 1109 hp and 1310 Nm of torque.
Mansory Bugatti Veyron Linea Vincero features an optimised exhaust system and an increased cooling air supply which providing extra power to the super sports car.
A new apron will included on its new exterior along with a shorter hood, new side skirts, modified wings, rear diffuser, and LED daytime running lights.
Mansory Bugatti Veyron Linea Vincero interior featuring the new Ambiente-Illumination-System that has LED lights in the seats, dashboard, and even on the door linings.

Futuristic Bionic Transportation

he stylish Bionic concept car is simply a token of functional values and innovative natural aesthetics through its radical aerodynamic design. The car has been designed to change its shape as per requirement in different situations by implementing EAP-electro-active polymer layers, which is an optimized and advance automobile material. Moreover, it features advance in-wheel motor technology that allows the car to produce zero-emissions and a polycarbon roof with attached solar photovoltaic cells that gives an uninterrupted outside view aside from producing energy through sunlight. This ultra-compact car can house two persons and has been designed for the year 2030 considering as an excellent solution for the massive future crowd and positive environmental aspects.

Green Speed Air powered motorcyle for Zero Pollution Effect  
The Green Speed concept is an air-fueled concept bike that features a zero pollution effect on the environment through greenhouse gas emissions and especially being cheap and willingly available. The rotary air engine is lightweight, compact and powerful and is powered by compressed air from the two compressed air tanks. Because of its 3000 RPM of the engine, this bike can run only on one gear which is actually a sprocket bolted to the engine axis and chained with the rear wheel. The carbon fiber tanks of the bike stores the compressed air, when mass is produced, the solar panel generated energy will compress air and amass them in the tanks. The bike doesn’t contain any kind of lightening like headlight, indicator light or brake lights; instead, it contains three tiny cameras.

Global Unichip Announces SoC GP1680 – The First 4 Channel H.264 Full D1 Real Time Surveillance With HD Display Design Solution

Hsinchu, Taiwan October 30, 2009

Global Unichip, Corporation (GUC; TW:3443) announces SoC GP1680. It is the world’s first 4 channel H.264 full D1 real time surveillance with HD Display design solution.

Based on a highly integrated SoC platform, GP 1680 supports DVR, NVR, and IP video surveillance with HD display. SDK (System Development Kit) and the design reduce the performance time, also making the system cost effective.

"GUC has commited to provide a complete line of SD/HD surveillance SoC solutions. With the world's first 4 Channel H.264 Full D1 GP1680 SoC Solution, customers will be able to build a full line of H.264 D1 Realtime products with HD display support for the fast growing video surveillance market easily and quickly" said Percy Tang, Director of SoC Platform Product Marketing, Global Unichip Corp.

GP 1680 provides four H.264 Encoders and H.264 Decoders. It makes video recording and play back quite easy. H.264 engines are compatible with D1 resolution (720x480 or 720x576) image) at a frame rate of 30 FPS. GP 1680 supports both, D1 and CIF (352x240) modes. Videos may be saved to the hard disk in H.264 format. The built-in TV encoder displays the decoded video for playback. The digital audio interface channel supports audio recording. Besides, the PCI bus supports multi-chip solution.

GP 1680 is being produced at large scales. SDK, i.e., the Complete Software Development Kit, and DVR design solution are available in the market. For samples, local GUC sales offices and their authorized representatives may be contacted. GUC will exhibit at Shenzhen CPSE 2009 Surveillance Show. The brand will display complete GP 1680 SoC platforms and reference design solutions.

For further details concerning GP 1680 SoC platform, please visit http://www.globalunichip.com/4-10.php.

LG Electronics Announces LG-GD 910 – The First Touch Watch Phone of the World

On October 30, 2009, LG Electronics, a leading name in the mobile communications announced LG-GD 910 – the first touch watch phone of the world, at a recommended retail price of SG$1,688.

The product would be available for sale at the Singapore retail outlets – Sing Tel (ION Orchard), M1 (Paragon), and StarHub (Plaza Singapura).
This is what Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communication Company says, “Our Watch Phone is far more than just a prototype with a price tag.” He adds further, “This phone is fully functional and rivals top luxury watch brands in terms of style, comfort and durability. The engineering that went into making our Watch Phone a reality – especially the touch technology – is unmatched in the industry.”

LG GD910, is a successor to PRADA, the first full touch screen phone released by LG in 2007. “Designing such a small touchscreen like the one on the LG GD910 Touch Watch Phone is far more difficult than designing a larger one,” says Dr. Ahn. “In order to be usable, the screen has to be far more precise and far more sensitive than the technology that’s currently available. For the LG GD 910 Touch Watch Phone, we were able to develop a very high-resolution 1.4-inch screen that is extremely responsive to user commands and easy to read.”

LG GD910 is not only quite small in size, it is also equipped with most of the features offered by the mobile phones. The watch phone is compatible with 3G HSDPA networks, videos, MP3 player, etc. Besides, LG GD910’s compatibility with blue tooth sets it apart from other watch phones.

For further details, you may visit http://sg.lge.com.

Volvo Truck

The Volvo VT 880 is our top-of-the-line sleeper, offering all the space, luxury and power you expect from Volvo. The longer hood means you can specify a bigger engine with a bigger cooling package, such as our 16-liter, 600-hp Volvo D16 engine. That way you’ll have the extra muscle to move heavier loads or doubles over long distances and up steep grades. The 77" raised-roof sleeper cab is as spacious as it is luxurious, with over 520 cubic feet of living space in your choice of beautifully coordinated interior design packages. And with all its chrome, comfort and power, the VT 880 is a shining example of what a long haul truck can be.

A classic look. Incredible power. And unmatched luxury and comfort. With the Volvo VT 880, you’ve arrived at the sweet spot of every feature you’ve ever wanted.

Nissan Qazana

Hot Cup Design From Vivek Sasindran

Hot Cup is a concept coffee cup along with a beautiful and functional stand that will keep your tea of coffee hot for a longer period of time that will allow you to enjoy your hot tea while working at office or talking in phone. There is a heating mechanism on top of the round flat of the stand that will heat up the coffee cup slightly when placed on it. Also, the bottom of the cup is a conductor, which is able to transfer heat to its content, keeping it hot as long as you keep it there. The cup includes an LED that will confirm power supply. Moreover, the entire arrangement will surely enhance your desk’s d├ęcor.


When we set out to create the OmniExpress the guiding word was “flexibility”. This coach offers an unusual combination of abilities – the versatility of a commuter with the greater comfort of a coach. As stylish as it is functional, the Scania OmniExpress is available with all the cargo capacity you need for longer trips as well as the high standard of comfort your passengers deserve.

A wide choice of layouts is available, with plenty of options including overhead luggage racks, individual lighting, reclining seats, AC in three output capacities, middle or back door, toilet, pantry and more.

Excellent kerb-side visibility is ensured with a completely transparent passenger door and extra side windows. Forward visibility is enhanced by the low instrument panel and slim windshield pillars.

The stainless-steel construction reduces corrosion, and the body-cage design offers robust roll-over protection to ensure passenger and driver safety.

Longitudinal engines can be ordered with your choice of Euro 4, Euro 5 or EEV requirements, and with automatic or manual transmissions.

Easy, practical access is available to all routine service points. The intelligent electrical system provides more functionality with less wiring and fewer components, and Scania Diagnos ensures fast troubleshooting.

Available in two- and three-axle configurations, with different lengths in accordance with directive class II and/or III.


Actros. BlueTec®. Advantages Actros. BlueTec®. Advantages

National incentives
The increasingly stringent emissions requirements in the European Union are being accompanied in many European towns and cities by increasing concern about fine particle emissions. For example local driving bans are under discussion in some European cities for vehicles not labelled as low-pollutant. Also under consideration are emissions-based road tolls not just for motorways but also also for trunk roads.

BlueTec® achieves significant reductions in emissions which can thus result in toll savings and exemption from driving bans. There are other financial benefits for BlueTec® customers too: in many European countries you can expect tax breaks, and in various European municipalities BlueTec® counts in your favour when tendering for a public contract.
The advantages in everyday use
In long-distance haulage fuel consumption makes up the lion’s share of the lifecycle costs. Here too the benefits of BlueTec® are exceptional. Modified engines make such efficient use of the fuel that they not only produce a higher output (depending on the engine variant) but also consume significantly less fuel. BlueTec® gets top marks on servicing intervals too: the technology is robust and low on maintenance. The impressive engines installed in the new Actros deliver increased pulling power and efficiency. With potential fuel savings of up to 6%.
Resale advantages
Europe’s legislation is becoming increasingly standardised, so demand for commercial vehicles that meet the new European emissions standards can only increase. With BlueTec®, you are investing in a technology that will have a good resale value even after several years.

Telligent® engine management system

The Telligent® engine management system is kept constantly up to date with all relevant engine data, including engine speed, load and temperature – in addition to other variables, such as air pressure and outside temperature. This enables it to calculate the correct fuel injection duration and timing for each cylinder according to the given situation every few milliseconds.

Regulating the engine in this way, the Telligent® engine management system ensures high output, low fuel consumption and low-emission combustion. In the unlikely event of a malfunction, this will be indicated in the display, allowing the driver to react accordingly.


Mazda has come up with another brilliant concept of futuristic city car named “Kiyora”. In Japanese, Kiyora means ‘clean and pure’ and this concept car truly delivers what it means. It is a next generation four cylinder direct-injection engine which offers amazing fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. Previous concept cars of Mazda were based on shapes like wind and sand whereas Kiyora is inspired by water design. Shape of water gives a totally unique and attractive look to this car. Even when the car is still, it gives the effect of flow and movement. The transparent doors catch one’s attention as they emerge as a flow of water with clean roof.


The portable vacuum cleaner is an innovative concept of a wireless, compact and easy to carry vacuum cleaner that features an ergonomic handle and a built-in charger. The main inspiration of creating this product was to create an emotional link among people in a stylish and pioneering manner. This lightweight gadget is an ideal small cleaning solution for both in the car and at home. Users of particular color enthusiasm can opt for a Portable Vacuum Cleaner from four different colors available as per their desire, combining in various environments. This gadget will definitely reflect your taste with its excellent, unique and functional design, while providing great handiness for cleaning.

The Tactility is a specially designed mobile phone concept that will diminish the limitation of blind peoples being uncomfortable with traditional mobile phones. The usual mobile phones mainly focus on its aesthetics and functions, without thinking of the usability for a person who will not be able to see it. Moreover, different model handset contains different keyboard arrangements, as well as different operating menus that make it harder to operate a cell phone for blind people. The keyboard of Tactility is designed with Braille and features most commonly used function which will greatly reduce the hassle of blind people using it. The bottom of the phone comprises a circular ring where a chain can be attached to hang the phone around the neck of a blind person which will boost their convenience of using the phone.


Nissan has made announcement about the 2010 Nissan Armada price for the US market. According to what they have said, it resulting lower numbers for the Platinum and Titanium Editions prices.

Nissan Armada (2010) Platinum Edition price for the 4×2 version will starts at $49,390, while for the 4×4 version will be priced at 52,190 USD.

Nissan Armada (2010) price for the Titanium Edition will starts at 42,140 USD for the 4×2 version and for the 4×4 version the price will starts at 44,940 USD.

Nissan Armada (2010) price for the 4×2 SE model will starts at 37,210 USD, and for the 4×4 SE version the price will starts at 42,810 USD.

Along with the price announcement, Nissan also announced the debut of the 2009 Nissan Murano 360° Value Package which featuring metallic-finish 18-inch alloy wheels, Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone System, silver-finish roof rails, Intelligent Key, and also iPod adaptor.

BMW M3 E92 Package by Lumma Design

BMW M3 E92 (2009) gets a new body kit from Lumma Design as the company release the package for this car which priced at 4,488 Euros.

BMW M3 E92 by Lumma Design comes with a carbon fiber roof spoiler, a rear spoiler lip, rear bumper apron, side skirts with air ducts, custom chrome plated stainless steel tail tips, and also a new front spoiler bumper.

BMW M3 E92 package by Lumma Design will be included with carbon fiber external mirror caps and front badge, a composite fiber material front fender with original M3 air ducts and the LED turn signals.

BMW M3 E92 (2009) gets a new body kit from Lumma Design as the company release the package for this car which priced at 4,488 Euros.

Pininfarina BLUECAR

Pininfarina BLUECAR which will enter production in 2010 has been unveiled at Geneva Motor Show. This electric car is a result of a 50-50 joint venture between the Italian design house and Bollore.

Pininfarina BLUECAR is not just a concept and the production of this compact MPV will be around 60,000 units by 2015. Pininfarina BLUECAR has four seats and five doors which equipped with an automatic transmission.

With the LMP (Lithium Metal Polymer) batteries, Pininfarina BLUECAR has a range of 250 km and a lifespan of about 200,000 km. This car also equipped with a new tire design (developed in collaboration with Dunlop) that significantly reduces energy consumption.

Press Release
Pininfarina and Bollore set up a 50-50 joint venture at the beginning of 2008 with the purpose of designing, developing, manufacturing and distributing an electric car with revolutionary technical features and formal qualities. The Pininfarina BLUECAR, on show at the Geneva Motor Show on the Vehicules Electriques Pininfarina-Bollore stand, is therefore not a mere concept car but a forerunner of the vehicle which will go into production in Italy at Pininfarina starting from 2010 with the first units. Production on an industrial scale will take place between 2011 and 2017, with forecast output by 2015 being about 60,000.

The Pininfarina-Bollore electric car project, shown for the first time last October at the Paris Mondial de l’Automobile, has stirred up great interest from the sector as well as from the media and the public, proof that it is innovative and is moving in the right direction, well ahead of the times. With awareness of the need to act to protect the environment going global, and with the use of cars being more and more concentrated in towns and limited to daily mileages of less than 60 km, the car market is undergoing a cultural revolution that opens new and promising scenarios for hybrid or totally electric vehicles like the Pininfarina BLUECAR: recent studies have estimated that in the medium term 1.5-2 million electric vehicles will be introduced on the European market alone.

In this context the Pininfarina BLUECAR stands out from competitive proposals thanks to:
- its aesthetic excellence and the freshly original layout of a car born to be electric and not derived from a production car;
- astonishing performance guaranteed by Bollore technology.

Subaru Legacy Concept Teaser Image

Subaru Legacy Concept teaser image has been released by Fuji Heavy Industries. As we both know that Subaru Legacy Concept will be premiered in Detroit at the 2009 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

Subaru Legacy Concept features a symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system and will be powered by a 3.6-liter, low center of gravity Horizontally-Opposed engine.

Subaru Legacy Concept celebrates 20 years of the sedan and previews the design of the following version of the Legacy.

Featuring a new interior, Subaru Legacy Concept also comes with a new front design and flared wheel arches.

Press Release
Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles, today announced that it will give a world premiere to the LEGACY CONCEPT at the 2009 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, which will open its doors to the public from January 17 through 25,2009 (press days on January 11 through 13).

Celebrating 20 years of the Legacy sedan, the LEGACY CONCEPT is a concept model to showcase the direction of future Legacy sedan design. The exterior highlights the sportiness and dynamism befitting a car powered by 3.6-liter, low center of gravity Horizontally-Opposed engine. A distinctive front face and flared wheel arches speak to the presence of the car and the reliability promised by the symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system. The interior embodies high definition with a feeling of comfort.

Subaru Legacy series was first introduced into the world in 1989 and next year it will celebrate its 20th anniversary of the start of production. Produced in Gunma, Japan and Lafayette, Indiana USA, Global production has exceeded 3.6 million units* and production in North America accounts for 43%. The model has been highly acclaimed as a core product of Subaru world-wide due to its excellent driving performance, strong safety record and the dependability provided by Subaru’s renowned Symmetrical AWD system with Horizontally-Opposed engine.

The Stadium concept for 17th Asian Games 2014 in Incheon has been designed to house 70,000 people and a single sided park where another 30,000 people can enjoy their visit. The design of the stadium is based on an uneven configuration with corporate and management facilities on its permanent western side, ensuring both construction and operation efficiencies. The eastern side incorporates modular temporary seating structure which will disappear when the game is finished, and the stadium structure will become a local landscape. The flowing form of the stadium and surrounding spaces with dynamic movement symbolizes the traditional Korean culture. The extended main roof of the stadium creates a welcoming environment while giving the structure a beautiful look.

The Playstation 4 concept was inspired by the massive popularity of its previous versions, while featuring much more functionalities than any other versions of playstation users have encountered. The first notable feature is the cool, transparent appearance of both the joysticks and the main unit. The transparent area of both elements comprises touch buttons for operating the device and the glossy black round compartment is to place the discs of your choice. Playstation 4 will give the gamer a unique cable-free gaming experience with its Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity. Moreover, the transparent display of the main unit can show thumbnails of different part of a disc and allow the user to select a part by simply touching the respective thumbnail.

The Honda Native concept comprises an electric engine which is powered by heavy-duty lithium-ion battery and can house 3 persons including the driver. This ultra compact car with great aerodynamic features has been designed for the massively congested future traffic where speed will be ignored over low space riding efficiency. Its down to the ground design will allow the car to offer smooth riding experience to the riders. The exterior parts of the vehicle are made of photocromic materials that make it possible for the car to change its color according to the light, temperature and other surrounding environmental factors.

Karma Hybrid Sports Sedan

Fisker Karma hybrid sports sedan will be built at the Valmet plant as a result of the final assembly contract between Fisker Automotive and Valmet Automotive.

With a new body welding line will be built in Finland, the company plans to reach an annual production of 15,000 vehicles.

Fisker Karma’s painting and assembly process can be easily adapted to the production of electric and hybrid cars.

Morgan LifeCar Concept Car

The Morgan LifeCar Concept with hydrogen fuel cell will be unveiled at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show. Spending more than two years working with Oscar Automotive, Cranfield University, QinetiQ, Oxford University and Linde AG, Morgan has develop the LifeCar concept for auto world. Based on the Morgan Aero Eight, the Morgan Lifecar Concept powered by a QinetiQ fuel cell, which converts hydrogen � and oxygen (taken from the air around it) into electrical energy.
With this combination the fuel cell cost will be minimized and will providing the fuel economy for a 200 mile range. An objective of the project is to lower the entry barriers for a vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Core to the success of the project will be collaboration between partners to achieve system-level innovation in the design.

McLaren MP4 - 12C

Today's a big day for McLaren. After ambitiously launching its own separate automotive division to follow in the footsteps of arch-rival Ferrari, the British race engineering firm has finally released its long-anticipated new supercar. Called the MP4-12C, it's been developed entirely in-house, and features the latest advances in automotive technology derived from the Formula 1 circuit.


When people goes for a picnic, a car that can provide room for social gathering parked in an urban landscape is always desirable, which was the main inspiration of designing the Renault Picnic concept car. This car can become an urban furniture, where people can re-acquaint themselves with the surrounding natural environment with its various functionalities. It features LED-impregnated DOL that allows adjustable and customizable tinting patterns that will make the car’s surface a public art. The easy access sliding doors allow convenient entrance. You can attach a bicycle with the rear bumper and can arrange some extra sittings with tailgate rumble seats that slides-out from the front trunk. The Renault Picnic features low-cost and minimalist dashboard with i-pod compatibility which is ideal for new drivers. The modular seating arrangement of this car ensures equal comfort to be enjoyed for all passengers either inside, on atop the rear bumpers or on the front tailgate.


The Jalou phone is the outcome of the latest partnership between designers Dolce and Gabbana and Sony Ericsson which features latest technology along with fashion statement to make others green with desire as well. The unique design of this phone was inspired by the multiple surfaces of a cushion-cut gemstone. The features that must be talked about this phone are its efficient 3.2 megapixel camera that can tag photos with their geographic position, a 2-inch high resolution display, stereo Bluetooth and a built-in-mirror, all these are packed into its compact clamshell which is as small as a lipstick box. Normal versions of this phone are already available in deep amethyst, onyx black and aquamarine shades, and the special D&G edition will be available in Sparkling Rose with 24-karat gold plating along with a special wireless headset.
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